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If you’re looking for the best online beat making software to make beats online then you’re in the right place!

All of the music creation software listed below are incredibly easy to use and packed with professional quality beat making tools, making it easier then ever for you to make your own beats online and create music right from home quickly and easily!

We’ve rated the top 4 online beat making programs currently available, here’s what we’ve found:

How to Choose the Best Online Beat Making Software to Make Beats Online

When you set off to make your own beats online — trying to choose the right beat making software can be a daunting task! With so many different digital beat making programs on the market to make beats, you need to make sure you choose one with professional quality features if you want to make industry quality beats online. The sound quality and output of the track must be high quality!

The industry standard quality for beats is 16.1 stereo WAV. Many online beat makers today don’t output this type of file and instead hold samples in MP3 format. MP3 is a great format for personal use because it is compressed, meaning it has been made smaller so you can fit more of them on to MP3 player, computer or phone. When you make your own beats online you definitely don’t want to start in this low quality format!

Why You Don’t Want To Make Beats Online Using MP3 Files

When you make beats online using .mp3 files or compress your beats to mp3, the compression results in a loss of quality, which isn’t really noticeable on a personal player, but if you want to try and get your beats sold to other professionals or played in radios or clubs then it isn’t good enough. When you make beats online this way, what happens is the samples held are in MP3 format, which is compressed, then you create your own beats out of these and the output is MP3…. meaning they are further compressed – you’re losing quality twice!

No one will buy your beats because they will not be high quality.


Luckily, all four online beat making software programs featured above can import, export and output in high quality WAV format. They also have an extensive library of high quality WAV samples to make your own beats online and also output the master in 16.1 stereo WAV. This means that you don’t lose any data to compression and your beats will be produced to the same standard of quality as all the professional producers. This is how you make your own  beats online like a pro and separate yourself from the wannabe’s!

3 Things You MUST Look For When Choosing Beat Making Software To Make Beats Online

Beat making software is software that enables you to create beats just like professional music producers. As technology has improved a greater range of beat making software has become available at cheaper and cheaper prices. Not all beat-making software programs are equal however and if you want to make your own beats that don’t suck you’ll want to make sure your chosen software has all the following features:

1) High-quality samples and plenty of them

Most people who make beats online don’t have a recording studio or the equipment necessary to record their own samples at high quality when they are first starting out. It is essential that your beat making software come with high quality samples or your tracks will sound low quality. Of course, there’s a million and one sample packs out there you can purchase, download and import into your software as well.

2) Good support

Is your chosen beat-maker well supported? Does it come with tutorials or just a simple instruction manual? Ideally you want video tutorials taking you through all the features to make beats online and how to use them as well as an instruction manual. This is essential to make beats online quickly without the complexity that comes with other beat making software programs.

3) Ease of use

All the tutorials in the world won’t help you if the beat making software requires a degree to work. You want to make beats online within a few minutes of installing your software, not after a few weeks study.

Why You Should Avoid Free Beat Making Software When Making Beats Online

(For future online beat makers that actually care about quality in their productions and hope to sell their beats online).

If you opt for free beat making software to make your own beats online then you’re not going to get the professional level of quality you need or all the features you need to accomplish this; you don’t necessarily need a $500+ piece of software either though as there are many excellent options like the beat making software above for under $50… The price of software is not always the best indicator of how good it is though.

sell beats online

“Why Is Dr.Drum Ranked #1 Online Beat Making Software To Make Your Own Beats?”

To make beats online that sound professional and won’t cost you a small fortune, the top software recommended for your beat making needs is Dr Drum Beat Maker Software.

Dr Drum is great for making your first beats within minutes of installation. With an intuitive and easy to use interface you can drag and drop sounds and get creating without having to wade through a hefty manual or hours of tutorials. It’s pretty simple to make beats online with this top rated beat making software. Visit <— (SAVE 75% w/ Our Partner Link!)

Quite a few pieces of beat making software have easy to use interfaces, but where Dr Drum really comes into its own is in its library of sounds. Some beat making software comes with such a small library of sounds that every beat you make ends up sounding the same, not so with Dr Drum. With a massive library you can begin making unique beats without the need to add your own samples in first. Unlike most beat making software (in this price range) the samples are of professional standard 44.1 WAV files and not compressed MP3 files.

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Dr Drum Beat Making Software Continued…

All of these are features you’d expect to find in software costing $500+ but as I mentioned before the price is not always the best indicator of quality. Dr Drum is available for under $40 and requires no extra equipment or specialist knowledge so you can get started creating your professional beats right away. Plus DrDrum offers additional sound kits that can add even more bangin’ loops to make beats online!

Available for both PC and Mac it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so giving it a try is risk-free.

Choosing one of the above beat making software programs to make beats online is a great step towards creating professional beats that you can sell for a living. First though you’ve got to get creating, check out our top online beat making software programs and start cranking out killer beats today!


Make Beats Online With Today’s BEST Online Beat Making Software